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There are defining moments in life when identities, capabilities, and our futures are entirely shifted. The truth is, our bodies are the vehicles of our lives, and our journey is often tied to our health. We excel at our peaks, accelerating beyond our physical capacities, believing that we are invincible. The body, unlike the mind, deteriorates, absorbing one too many shocks, creeping from one joint to the next, rendering us at 4-Way Crossings of pain, immobility, frustration, or rehabilitation.

And this is where Dr. Justin Lin chose the road less chosen, and Rehab & Revive was born. Nationally recognized, Dr. Lin grew up in Orange County, California and began his lifelong pursuit of health wellness/fitness and rehabilitation after sustaining a promising baseball career-ending shoulder injury in high school. When others would succumb to the depression associated with his newfound physical limitations, Dr. Lin became an accomplished personal trainer while in Boston working at Boston Sports Clubs as well as a reputable physical therapist in the Washington DC metro area.He attended Boston University Sargent College of Rehabilitation under the rigorous five year dual Bachelors/Masters of Science of Physical Therapy program. While attending graduate school, he was awarded two National scholarships for his work in fitness and wellness by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. While others were content with just finishing, he pursued more and attended Marymount University for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. He has learned and developed various manual therapy techniques as he was exposed to the plethora of disciplines within the industry via different mentors. He has been trained by Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, and Osteopathic Doctors, incorporating Ideologies to create a more cohesive understanding and practice. After establishing his reputation in the DC metro area as a chronic pain specialist, treating conditions such as TMJ, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme’s Disease and Arthritis, he decided to come back home to California to launch Rehab and Revive Physical Therapy, Inc. in the Orange County area, incorporating his main techniques developed from the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) using Functional Manual Therapy™. Dr. Lin brings a cutting edge holistic manual (hands-on) approach to healing and rehabilitating the body. He also believes that the patient comes first and advocates his patients in taking an active and participating role in their healing. This approach is guided by his personal experience of injury and allows for an empathetic hand in the rehabilitation process, as he knows all too well the depression that results from physical injuries. SPORTS INJURY As a life-long athlete, Dr. Lin understands the passion athlete’s tie to their sport – the commitment, the drive, and absolute determination to surpass the limits of the body. He was a Letterman in the Boston University Track and Field Program for the Sprints, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Javelin. After his career in Track and Field, he was invited to attend the United States Olympic Bobsled Camp for Olympic Development. He also played with the National Amateur Baseball Association. Because of this, he continues to develop innovative peak sports performance such as his innovative Kinematic Sports Analysis System and Sports Enhancement Programs to both improve and prevent injury. COMMUNITYDr. Lin is a committed advocate of community involvement, actively involved on the Board of Directors of the Orange County Taiwanese Association (OCTA). He stays in touch and continues his involvement with his Alma Mater, University High School (Irvine), where he was a former Class President and Scholar Athlete by organizing reunions, as well as serving as a Scholarship Chair for a service scholarship at Uni High offered on the behalf of the OCTA. He is a presenter for organizations wanting to learn more about office safety and ergonomics and actively volunteers as sports therapist for the Santa Ana Pony Baseball League. He spends time giving back to his profession as he educates local physical therapy students so they can become great future PTs in helping members of the community. MEDIA He is currently a one of the lead Health columnists for the local Orange County and LA County newspaper “The Notice,” where he submits weekly articles such as the popular “Your Quick Guide: How To Protect Yourself This Skiing and Snowboarding Season,” regarding health and wellness for the community to learn how to empower themselves and identify what to do “just in case.” Recently, he has been invited to speak on National Public Radio (NPR) for his medical expertise on the “On Point” show for topics such as injuries related to Crossfit, P90X, Insanity. (Click Here for podcast) Also, he was invited back to KUCI 88.9FM “Ask A Leader” (Click Here for podcast) with Claudia Shambaugh to speak more about consumer safety advice and weightlifting concerns. He stresses consumer safety and wisdom on the health and fitness industry with his free circulating eBook on the internet Confessions of a Personal Trainer-a consumer guide for finding a smart and safe personal trainer. He has a public health initiative to educate those with the correct health information. He hosts a free Youtube called Our Health Channel to talk about latest and trending information as well as interviews the best providers about what they do well. And with the little time left he has for himself, he relaxes at the pool, reads health journals, loves to go snowboarding, play softball, and enjoys conversations with friends and family. He also speaks Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese. LONG LIFE LECTURES The Long Life Lecture Seminars is a series of interactive lectures developed by Dr. Lin, to enhance the public’s awareness about health and rehabilitation. There are many movement patterns and postures that create possibilities for injuries and harm. The true preservation of us and the Fountain of Youth are located within these inspirational and empowering educational seminars. Dr. Lin is a proponent for health and wellness in the community and has been invited to corporate companies in the Irvine and Orange County Areas to speak to groups. And with the little time left he has for himself, he relaxes at the pool, reads health journals, loves to go snowboarding, play softball, and enjoys conversations with friends and family. He also speaks Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese. SPECIALIZATIONS Dr. Lin has had various interests in working with athletes and the orthopedic populations. He has trained/rehabilitated NHL players, NCAA Athletes, Olympic Athletes, Redskins and Wizards Cheerleaders, Disney Dancers, TV Celebrities, and Emmy Award Winners. He has volunteered his services to the Alexandria Aces Collegiate Baseball Summer League to be their Physical Therapist and Strength Coach. Although “Orthopedic and Chronic” pain is his specialty, he initially began his career at Sibley Memorial Hospital, where he worked with the geriatric population seeing primarily knee/hip replacements but providing treatment services to all debilitated patients in the inpatient and outpatient, as well as aquatic settings. He feels it is important to understand the whole spectrum of health and rehabilitation from the beginning all the way to the end. It is for this reason he has a Certification for Strength and Conditioning with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and has received many scholarships from the NSCA for his work. He has certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and American Heart Association. LICENSING AND MEMBERSHIPS Dr. Lin is a licensed Board Certified physical therapist in Virginia, DC, Maryland, and California. He is one of only 242 internationally recognized  Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) by the governing board the IPA.  He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has taken continuing education in spinal manipulations, shoulder, and gait/balance disorders, hip, knee, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), functional mobilization, back education, and bone cancer. CPR certified by the Red Cross. CONTINUING EDUCATION Dr. Lin is always in pursuit of new knowledge and treatment techniques to better understand and manage the needs of his patients. He has partaken in courses ranging from bone orthopedics, neuromuscular therapies, shoulder, back, and ankle treatments, as well as extensive study in functional mobilization under the internationally renown Institute of Physical Art under Gregg and Vicky Johnson, and Kent Keyser. WELLNESS REVOLUTION 101 WR101 is Dr. Lin’s first business. Currently undergoing reconstruction, the premise of his site and products is to give an opportunity for busy everyday people to evolve and learn more about their bodies in a concise but effective way. He has authored three E-books, Mindful Movement 101, Core Correction 101, and a consumer guide for finding a personal trainer – Confessions of a Personal Trainer. Each with pictures, video links, and explanations suited to provide everyone a chance to perform exercises the correct way the first time.

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