Don't let pain rule your life - free yourself from the prison of pain and regain your freedom. Learn more below.

Having chronic pain or migraine headaches that limit you from going to school or work? Haven’t felt the way you wanted in years? Are health professionals writing you off and making you think the pain is all in your head?


You are heard at Rehab and Revive. We believe in your story and know it is difficult to find a provider who understands. We are in this together.


With experience in Functional Manual Therapy and an understanding of the Integrative Systems Model and osteopathic medicine, our doctors can help you reach your potential. Why struggle when we have the solutions to help thrive?


We can and We will get Better TOGETHER!

Watch How We Treat Chronic Injuries!

Is R+ for me?

  • Your cause has yet to be identified

  • You would like to be treated like an individual

  • You appreciate 1 on 1 specialized care

  • You would like to be treated by the same professional every time

  • You are open to Holistic hands-on medicine

  • You like to progress in your care

  • You care about being involved and having a say in your care


Regardless whether you have an orthopedic or what you may think is a muscular issue that is not going away and has not been healed with other treatments, this was tailored for you! We will give you our honest professional advice.