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Our Services

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Physical Therapy

Manual-based treatment plans designed with the individual in mind. Experience top-notch care from a Doctor of Physical Therapy during one-on-one treatment sessions.

Stomach Ache

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor dysfunction treatment for men and women alike. Whether it's for postpartum pain, nighttime voiding or constipation, receive pelvic floor therapy from the best of the best. 

Sports massage on leg

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is more than just the new trendy massage technique. Proper lymphatic drainage relieves congestion in lymph nodes and is a vital part of healing after any surgery.


Massage Therapy

At Rehab and Revive™, massage therapy is not just a luxury, but is seen as a vital part of the healing process. Incorporating ideas taught by Doctors of Physical Therapy, this style of massage therapy, Bodywork+, is a crucial part of relaxing the nervous system.

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Low Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser has shown great results for those with painful or unsightly scars, those recovering from postmastectomy and lymphedema patients. This non-invasive treatment is often used in conjunction with scar massage and other manual techniques to enhance the benefits.

Head Massage

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy has proven great success in pain and fatigue reduction, releasing stress and tension. TMJ/TMD, relieving migraines and tension headaches, central nervous system disorders and so much more.


What We Treat

Cold Plunge

Cold water immersion is growing in popularity for its wide range of benefits inflammation management, mood, skin and pain reduction. Cold plunge is a short session in very cold water as time to focus on breath work and let the cold water work its magic.

Wellness: We offer preventative care when you would like some professional advice on how to improve and discover new possibilities.

Sports Injuries: Whether you are looking for injury prevention or preventative care, we help you reach your athletic goals.

Acute Pain: Sometimes injuries arise, but if treated early, you can avoid unnecessary pain and suffering.

Chronic Pain: Don't let pain rule your life. Free yourself from the prison of pain and regain your freedom.

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Jennifer R.

Dr. Yvonne Huang is a miracle worker. I'm not exaggerating. She relieved most of my shoulder pain in the very first visit. I was beyond amazed. She aligned my ribs to allow my arm to move freely. My pain from a shoulder injury from 10 years ago drastically reduced. Now I am working on regaining strength so that my shoulder stays in place and continues to be aligned. She also helps my neck pain and she completely eliminated my foot arch pain. She gave me exercises that I do every day. She is teaching me about the lymphatic system as well.  I am so thankful for her and Dr. Lin.

My son goes to Dr. Lin for pectus excavatum physical therapy. He is fantastic and has helped my son a lot.

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Amanda K.

Dr. Lin recently added Julie to his practice to provide bodywork and massage services and I am so grateful to have had a session with her. She is truly gifted and has healing hands. Her massage was one of the best I have ever had... I also have received lymphatic massage services for several months from Dr. Yvonne Huang at Rehab and Revive, and she is a true healer as well. Dr. Huang complemented Dr. Lin's work by relieving blockages in my neck and shoulders as well as in my face...

I have seen Dr. Lin on and off for nearly 10 years now and I cannot sing his praises enough. He is very gifted and blessed with not only great skills but a natural intuition for healing...

Now that Dr. Lin has added Dr. Huang and Julie to his team, their gifts and skills truly complement one another, and I feel that I have an entire team working together to promote my health and wellness. I cannot recommend Rehab and Revive enough! They are, hands down, the best healthcare service I have ever received!

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