We apply biomechanical knowledge to maximize the performance of your team while taking advantage of un-noticed physical biomechanical limitations of your opponents.


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Biomechanical Analysis

The process of examining an activity or movement pattern to distinguish its component parts. The study of biomechanics is important when determining what causes injuries and therefore how we can prevent them from re-occurring. 

In Michael Lewis’s book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, Lewis describes the Oakland Athletics’ 2003 amazing playoff run in which evidence-based statistics called Sabermetrics (B. James, C. Wright) were used to aid decisions made in drafting prospects and signing free agent players. The team’s general manager, Billy Beane, caught a lot of flack for his use of this method, but his belief paid off. Twelve years later, this strategy has transcended into almost every major professional sport, making improbable, lesser-known athletes perform at a championship level TOGETHER.

Rethinking the game's strategy

 Providing consulting for biomechanical analysis on game management, to improve team’s advantages and win efficiently.
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