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Our Favorite Products of 2020: Sales, Coupon Codes and More!

It's that time of year again...BLACK FRIDAY. Although a lot of Black Friday deals started early and it's really just a week-long Cyber Monday, we're still excited to share our favorite products of 2020! Some of them are new versions of our old favorites and some are brand new items that we discovered this year! You may even find a coupon code for some savings sprinkled in below! We hope you all enjoy these products as much as we have, so without further ado...


1. Upright Go 2

We've been raving about the Upright posture training devices for years now, but the new Upright Go 2 is a game-changer. The Upright is a device that senses when you've fallen into bad posture and will buzz you to remind you to reset. This new model has so many more customizations than older models and the calibration is lightning quick! It even has a necklace feature for those who either don't want to stick the device to their backs or have a limitation in reaching.

The company is giving 15% OFF for Black Friday for signing up so give it a try and let us know what you think of your new posture! Get the Upright Go 2 here!

You can watch Dr. Lin's review of the Upright Go 2 below:


2. Apple Watch Series 6

Now we know you may be thinking the Apple Watch seems like a strange thing to mention since we typically recommend products that are a little more cost-effective, but the new Series 6 has a couple of new features that makes it worth mentioning. Of course, the Series 6 Apple Watch does all the standard things that a normal smartwatch will do: tracks heart rate and exercise activity, takes your EKG, tracks your daily steps, tracks your menstrual cycle, allows you to reply text messages and take phone calls and many more. But the new feature that sets it apart is the fall detection. The watch will sense when you've taken a fall and emergency services might need to be notified. This makes it the perfect gift for the elderly in your life that are looking to be a little techy as well!

Find it on Apple's website here!


3. Pacific Coast Down Feather Pillow Hypoallergenic Cover

There are three things that we preach endlessly here at Rehab and Revive: standing posture, sitting posture, and sleeping posture. We are huge proponents of good, quality sleep as it's an integral part of not only healing but injury prevention. Dr. Lin's favorite pillows for his sleeping posture setups are Pacific Coast Down Feather Pillows. But if you read our Favorite Products of 2019 blog, you know we've already raved about those. So why are we mentioning them again, you ask? Well, the number one complaint about these pillows come from people who have an allergy to goose down! And boy do we have the product for you! These pillow covers are completely hypoallergenic and enable someone with a mild goose down allergy to benefit from these amazing pillows! So if you've been holding off on giving our favorite pillows a try due to allergies, we're so pleased to be able to present a solution!

Purchase the Pacific Coast Feather AllerRest® Pillow Protector here. In even better news, they're currently 50% OFF!

For more information on how to set up your bed for perfect sleeping posture, you can watch Dr. Lin's back sleeping and side sleeping videos below:


4. Gunnar Blue Light Glasses

The eyes are a body part that we frequently forget about and neglect. But just as the eyes can be a window to the soul, they can be a window for a myriad of health complications. Eye strain can cause headaches, migraines, jaw pain, facial pain and muscle tension and soreness. And constant blue light stimulus can cause or worsen insomnia and messes with circadian rhythms. These Gunnar blue light glasses were originally designed for gamers, but they are also great for people who spend hours looking at a computer screen. So whether you're enjoying your Nintendo Switch or your PS5 (if you managed to get your hands on one) or you're working on the computer for long hours, take care of your eyes with some blue light canceling glasses!

Find them on Amazon here.


5. Moft Z Laptop Stand

Now last year Dr. Lin talked about his love for the original Moft laptop stand, but they've since released some new products and boy are we fans. The Moft Z laptop stand folds completely flat and is ultra-lightweight. It has many different configurations for your laptop or tablet and is great for people wanting a more ergonomic setup or wants a nice stand for working in bed or on the couch. But the feature that really blows our socks off is the standing desk feature! You saw correctly. STANDING DESK. Most standing desks are heavy and cumbersome and they're definitely not capable of fitting in your laptop bag. So if you're looking for some different ways to set up your laptop and workstation, the Moft Z is a must-buy!

You can purchase the Moft Z on their website here and as a special bonus, if you use our code DRLIN, you'll receive 15% OFF YOUR PURCHASE!

You can watch Dr. Lin's review of the Moft Z here:


6. Big Grip Mouse

Now, what's an ergonomic workstation without a decent mouse? We spend SO MUCH time on our computers these days, it's important to make sure we are using products that support healthy bodies. You wouldn't train for a marathon without decent running shoes. Your hands need the same protection when you spend all day typing and clicking. This is one of Dr. Lin's favorite mouses (mice??) to use and it's nothing crazy fancy. More expensive doesn't always mean it's better. So if you're looking to up your computer accessories game, this might be a great product for you!

Find it on Amazon here.


7. SAKOBS LED Bright White Therapy Light

Seasonal depression is a real thing and we feel like everyone is even more prone to it during COVID. We are stuck inside and we're supposed to be limiting our activities. So how are we supposed to get our necessary sunlight and vitamin D from sitting inside in front of a screen all day? Well, one of Dr. Lin's favs is this happy light that helps supplement some of your sun exposure. Of course, it's not the real thing and it doesn't emit UV light, but it can help prevent some of those seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms.

This SAKOBS LED Therapy Light is very portable. You can slide it in your laptop bag and it's pretty discreet sitting on your desk or in your living room. Dr. Lin has his sitting on his desk in his office for use during charting!

You can find it on Amazon here.

Watch Dr. Lin's review of the SAKOBS LEB Light below:


8. SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs

A new fan fav at the office has been this set of exercise sliding discs. We prescribe exercises that require you to slide your feet or hands across a table or the floor and these seem to help immensely. But these can be used for tons of workouts, especially core exercises. They can even be used as furniture sliders if you're trying to avoid scuffing your floor while redecorating! We love multipurpose products!

You can find them on Amazon here.

Below are two exercises that Dr. Lin recommends using the Slidez for:


9. Naipo Neck and Back Massager with Heat and Vibration

And last but most certainly not least is a product that is just to feel good. It's almost impossible to see a massage therapist right now. And even if you live somewhere that they're open, if you're avoiding those kinds of services due to COVID-19, you might be really missing your massages. This massage chair is one of Dr. Lin's absolute favorites. Since reviewing it for our massage products video, he's spent his evenings sitting on it on his couch! And that's one of the best features of this product. You can put it on pretty much any chair you can think of! And while you might not want to have this on you while driving, it would be great for the passenger on a road trip. Or you can up your workstation game and put it on your office chair! Imagine Zoom meetings while getting a neck and back massaged! Sounds pretty great to us!

You can find the Naipo massage chair here on their website!

Watch Dr. Lin's review of Naipo's massage chair as well as some of their other massage products below:

We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, and we look forward to a new year of new, amazing products to share with you all! Happy shopping!

Rehab and Revive Staff


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