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The 3 tips for a fa-boo-lous body on Halloween

“I would make a skeleton joke, but you wouldn't find it very humerus."

I know it may sound like “witchful thinking” to stay out trouble on a day where we eat sugar and sweets and try to be the ghostest with my mostest while hanging out with your fellow ghouls.

Night of the living dead is cool on Halloween, and it may be safe to say walking with a limp makes the most sense to pull off your perfect role/costume as a mummy/zombie.

However, we will have a bone to pick with you at Rehab and Revive when the hobbling around lasts after Halloween! Please come by and get a complimentary 20-minute consultation with Dr. Luo on proper walking mechanics.

Did we just mention Zombies? This will be something fun to chew on... There are about 650-840 delicious muscles in your body. Not to mention there are roughly 206 bones, so as long as a werewolf doesn’t run away with one. It’s really simple to have a fa-boo-lous body. All muscles, bones, and joints should work in a timely manner when going door to door.

No tricks from us, so take a look at these treats that we have for you today! Below are our favorite 3 tips to have a comfortable and pain-free Halloween!

Proper Shoewear

Here is a quick video on comfortable shoes and how to find the most efficient pair when walking to prevent that limp.


When your back gets tired from trick-or-treating (or scaring some kids as the boogeyman), try this calf stretch below.


Give this (bottoms) boo-tys up exercise a try! All you need is a handy chair.

This blog may be the death of me but we hope you enjoy these fun trick-or-treat factoids while you are haunting for candy.

What will I and Dr. Luo dress up as on Halloween? Doctors! Duhhhhhh. We are open normal hours on Halloween! :)

Your friendly neighborhood physical therapist,

Dr. Justin Lin

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