Our renowned staff helps athletes reach their full potential either after an injury with revolutionary rehabilitation methods, or in preventative care, before an injury takes over.

Would you like to be faster, stronger, and perform at the optimum level? Rehab and Revive PT prides itself in staying on the cutting edge of sports rehabilitation and sports enhancement. Dr. Lin has devoted much of his life’s work to show the efficacy of his Athletic Functional Capacity assessment as well as the Kinesthetic Sports Enhancement. We provide running strategies, exercise programs, as well as Kinesio Taping and sports taping to get you back on the field or road as quickly as possible.


Dr. Lin also reviews proper mechanics for whatever activity you are involved in, including biking, dancing, playing music, CrossFit training, and sprinting. Our main focus is to help you recover and prevent future injuries from occurring. We individualize your program just for you. Not only will you learn how to take care of your body but understand ways to prevent overuse. Come to get educated about your body and its weak links that need to be addressed to keep you happy and healthy.