What's Holding You Back From Moving Forward?

The 5 Secrets To Getting Out of Pain

Premier Body Academy Programs Offered:  

  •  Acute Program (Evaluation and approximately 5 treatments) ​

    • Typical Injuries between 0-6 months old

    • Causes due to sports injuries, activities

    • Injuries (Sprains: Ankles, Knees, Shoulders, Wrists, Elbows)

  • Moderate Program (Evaluation and approximately 9 treatments)

    • Typical Injuries are between 6 months-1 year ​old

    • Causes due to repetitive or work related tasks

    • Injuries related to the spine (Pelvis, Rib Cage, Thorax, Back, Neck, Bunions, Herniated Disc Injuries to Neck and Back)

    • Orthopedic surgeries (may require more visits)

  • Chronic/Nerve Program (Evaluation and approx, 9 treatments, 4 co-treatments, and our exclusive 21 Day Online Nerve Academy)

    • Typical injuries are long standing for over 1-2 years

    • Causes are unknown

    • Injuries to nerves, TMJ, headaches/migraines, numbness and tingling, strange pain