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Fertility Support

Across the world, infertility has been on the rise and for reasons out of our control, many happy couples are finding it increasingly difficult to conceive.

Traditionally, there are only a couple of options to consider such as IVF or surrogacy. Most options involve hormones and painful processes of egg extractions for the woman especially. While there is a financial toll that everyone speaks of, there is also an intense emotional toll on everyone involved.


What if there was an intermediate action that doesn’t necessarily involve expensive bills and physical and emotional sacrifice? There is!


Rehab and Revive have developed over the past 10 years a comprehensive fertility plan that involves multi-disciplines and practitioners who have experience in doing this.  To date, we have helped 41 women and growing families get pregnant and counting with this exclusive program. 


We not only work with many mom-hopefuls and moms-to-be during the whole process. We utilize work with our bodywork specialist versed in prenatal and postnatal care, women’s health pelvic floor, and Neuromechanical care to produce “the best environment to conceive”


Dr. Lin always preaches that the “management of inflammation is the key to help reduce the toxicity in one’s body. Why would a baby want to be born in a stressful environment?”


What our plan includes in general?


Combination of women's health pelvic floor work and realignment of Uterus freeing up adhesions around viscera and ovaries. Resetting your cranio rhythm and of course, managing pelvic lower back biomechanics for natural cycles and rhythms that the organs and viscera need to have.


Our PEMF bodywork is state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind. Since it is guided to target the neuromuscular aspects of your body and to “reconnect” wires that may have been disrupted in life stress, egg extraction, surgeries etc. 


How long does this program take?


There isn't a set time but as a group, we will meet and discuss plans of action timing with ovulation


The times are changing and we need a better alternative to IVF and surrogacy. If you have had failed attempts multiple times. Why not try this. 


We have willing moms from our care open to speak to you and their experience. Just ask!

​Post-Partum Care

What happens if you didn't seek care during pregnancy? That's no problem! We can still help. 

After both vaginal and C-section births, urination and defecation can be challenging, even for the years to follow. These concerns can be assessed and treated by a pelvic floor therapist to regain proper muscle control.


Diastasis recti is another common problem after pregnancy. This is when the abdominal muscles stretch out and tear. In severe cases, if left untreated, the intestines can protrude. 

We can also assist with challenges regarding simple movements that may be difficult post-partum such as getting out of bed and regaining a proper gait pattern.

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