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Neuromechanical Therapy

Ever scratch your ear and feel it in your elbow? Sound a little strange?  It sure is, but that is our Neuromechanical system; it can be compared to a fishing net or a web that is expansive. Learn more about this unique treatment program below. 

NMT is an intertwining framework for eliminating pain and enhancing function.  It focuses on progression-based pain management and active participation of the patient.


It comprises elements that make it a truly holistic healing system. First, NMT enhances nerve and organ mobility before conventional muscular and joint therapies.


Then, it relies on the nervous system’s responsiveness, or “athletic reflexes”, before working on the balancing of our physical alignment and our movement strategies to decrease stress/strain.


When efficient, these enhance our ability for dynamic and static performance thus fulfilling our personal, physical, and athletic goals.


Read this article for a visual aid: Mind/Body Complexity Web

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Is NMT Right For You?

Regardless of whether you have an orthopedic or what you may think is a muscular issue that is not going away and has not been healed with other treatments, this was tailored for you! We will give you our honest professional advice.

  • The cause of your pain has yet to be identified

  • You would like to be treated like an individual

  • You appreciate one-on-one, specialized care

  • You would like to be treated by the same professional every session

  • You are open to holistic, hands-on medicine

  • You like to progress in your care

  • You care about being involved and having a say in your care

Treatment Methodology

Patient-First listening, active participation, neuromuscular facilitation, nerve mobilizations, Visceral mobilization, craniosacral therapies, myofascial treatments,  ART, strain-counter strain, Function Manual Therapy™, movement awareness, rib cage and thoracic cage and pelvic girdle integration, and muscle tone reduction, neurodevelopment techniques, and the developmental sequence, progressive exercise planning.


Pain Management

Watch one of our NMT techniques being used on our patients with chronic shoulder pain! No CG!

What makes NMT effective?

Neuromechanical Therapy is superior to other paradigms and techniques because:


1) Treating nerves manually, first, and focusing on personalized solutions

2) More one-on-one time with experts in chronic pain

3) We get you better faster with long-lasting, effective changes


We intentionally listen to your needs. This system utilizes our innovative 6 Strategy Pyramid and can only be found at Rehab and Revive. It is progressive, individualized, multifaceted, and ever-evolving!


For chronic pain sufferers who completed their prescribed care, Rehab and Revive™ has been 4 times more successful in the past 5 years compared to conventional therapies per reports of the National Institute of Health (NIH) from a study in 2011!

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