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Insurance: How It Works

We strongly believe that your treatment should be based on your individual needs, not on an insurance company's restrictions on the amount of time we spend on your care.

Don't be hypnotized by "cookie-cutter" treatments from in-network practices. These treatments only focus on the symptoms and fail to provide a holistic outlook that will keep you pain-free in the future.


Invest your time and money into a treatment program designed for you.  We will help you get better faster, and empower you to stay better. 


There is a reason why we are 4 times more successful than traditional practices.


The time and money wasted from ineffective treatments far exceed the upfront costs associated with the individualized and holistic treatment plans we provide at our clinic.

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What Insurances are Accepted?

Rehab and Revive™ does not accept any type of insurance. This is a completely cash-based practice in that every patient and client pays out of pocket for services here. With that being said, there are ways our patients have been able to utilize their insurance benefits for treatments.

If you have a PPO insurance, you may be eligible for reimbursement. After every session patients receive an itemized superbill that includes diagnosis codes and treatment codes. These can be sent in to insurance companies for potential reimbursement. 

Please note that most insurance companies have a separate deductible for out-of-network services that must be met before you are eligible for reimbursement. Once that deductible has been met, your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of your services.

Rehab and Revive™ does not have a relationship with any insurance company and cannot assist in filing these claims on your behalf, but we are more than happy to help troubleshoot if you have any questions.

Rehab and Revive™ cannot accept any patients with Medicare or Medi-Cal. 

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The Value of Health

Value in Comprehensive Care: Those who value credibility, quality and durability in products should think the same for their healthcare needs. You get what you pay for could not be a truer mentality in mending your injuries. We pull out all the stops for our clients without the red tape and restrictions of insurance companies.

No Insurance: Many clients who don't have insurance find the costs are very similar to our competitors and are not getting the same caliber of treatment or results. Remember, we are one-on-one and our time is devoted especially to you.

FSA/HSA: We accept your FSA/HSA cards here! There's no better way to invest and use your benefits than in care that is effective with longer-lasting results.

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