We strongly believe that your treatment should be based on your individual needs, not on an insurance company's restrictions on the amount of time we spend on your care.

What's Health Worth To You?

Value in Comprehensive Care

Those who value credibility, quality and durability in products should think the same for their health care needs.  You get what you pay for, could not be truer in mending your injuries. We don't hold back on getting you back on track to the things you love.

No Insurance?

Many clients who don't have insurance, find the costs are the same as our competitors and are not getting the care they deserve. Remember we are one-on-one and devote our Doctors only to you!


We accept your FSA/HSA cards here! No better way to invest and use your benefits in care that is effective and gets your results not only quicker but longer lasting.

How Out-Of-Network Works for You

Don't be hypnotized by "cookie-cutter" treatments from in-network practices. These treatments only focus on the symptoms and fail to provide a holistic outlook that will keep you pain-free in the future.


Invest your time and money into a treatment program designed for you.  We will help you get better faster, and empower you to stay better. 


There is a reason why we are 4 times more successful than traditional practices.


The time and money wasted from ineffective treatments far exceed the upfront costs associated with the individualized and holistic treatment plans we provide at our clinic.

Have more questions about insurance? Watch our FAQ video!