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Bodywork+ Massage Therapy

The physical and mental benefits of massage therapy are widely known, but it is often not utilized to its fullest capacity. Rehab and Revive™ incorporates our unique Bodywork+ in our integrative system to enhance and speed up the healing process.

Massage therapy is so often thought of as a luxury or self-care service and rarely thought of as an essential part of healing. Here at Rehab and Revive™, we disagree. If done correctly, incorporating massage therapy can speed up recovery time and extend the time between physical therapy appointments. 

Here, massage therapy isn't just your run-of-the-mill massage. Julie, our massage therapist, tailors sessions, especially for each client's needs using both the client's requests as well as what their other practitioners at Rehab and Revive™ have noted about their body's needs. 

This unique style of bodywork includes many different schools of massage including Swedish and lymphatic as well as Electrons+ to balance out the body and reduce pain. 

Electrons+ is a guided Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy that helps restore a healthy electrical balance in the body. It has shown accelerated healing and improved pain relief. 

These exclusive and cutting-edge technologies are the future of massage therapy and bodywork and we are proud and excited to be one of the first to offer such revolutionary treatment methods to you!

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How is Bodywork+ Massage Different?

Our massage therapist offers years of training and has a variety of skill sets under her belt. But the plan behind the massage is what makes it most effective. All of our healing professionals work together to create a plan that better benefits you.

Rehab and Revive®'s goal is to reframe how people think of massage therapy. Instead of as a treat, we aim to guide our clients to the understanding that this style of bodywork can be utilized in their healing process and therefore reduce the need for other forms of treatment.

Julie shares this mission and has dedicated much of her life to learning new and innovative ways to provide this type of service. You can read more about Julie here.

Bodywork+ sessions are FSA/HSA eligible!

Robert B.

Massage therapy with Julie is exceptional. My issues were related to tight back, shoulders, neck - and she found a way to release the knots and help me feel more nimble. I've had other massage therapists in many other places - from high-end pleases to low-end places and what sets Julie apart is her ability to tailor the massage to what your body needs - not only by what you tell her, but by her own assessment and feel of your muscles.... I think Julie's approach is more effective. If you'd like to upgrade your massage therapist, Julie is the one you should go to. 

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