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Rehab and Revive™'s History

Rehab and Revive™'s doors opened in 2012. Since the beginning, our special idealology has shaped the possibilities of how healing and hands-on medicine co-exist. We transform lives in the community to enjoy life's movements and moments.

There are defining moments in life when identities, capabilities, and our futures are entirely shifted. The truth is, our bodies are the vehicles of our lives, and our journey is often tied to our health. We excel at our peaks, accelerating beyond our physical capacities, believing that we are invincible. The body, unlike the mind, deteriorates, absorbing one too many shocks, creeping from one joint to the next, rendering us at 4-Way Crossings of pain, immobility, frustration, or rehabilitation.

Inspired by a thought to start small but dream big. The fledgling beginnings of R+ Rehab and Revive started well before our first "brick and mortar" on 3002 Dow Avenue in Tustin. The journey of something special actually started six months before. Dr. Lin started in the garage of his childhood home in Irvine. With a modest $1,000 investment and a bargain massage table for the first 6 months. R+'s reputation began its extraordinary transformation here. Thanks to our committed patients and community who were willing to believe in the core beliefs of R+. Results and the commitment to get patients better than what they themselves even expected propelled us to #1 on Yelp in Southern California within a year. We stayed at Dow Avenue until October of 2015, when R+ Rehab and Revive needed to expand...

14661 Myford Road, Suite #C became the new home of R+ and is where we currently reside. The development has been transcribed to be the ultimate challenge for everyone involved in the clinic. From Dr. Lin, Doctors, to the staff, the interns, and even the mailman! Every person has contributed to the growth of an establishment meant to change lives and get everyone back to enjoying the things they love. So now the question is how high and how far where will R+ Rehab and Revive® go?

Dr. Lin and nephew
Dr. Lin and HS Council
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Interact With Our Memories

This is where Dr. Justin Lin chose the road less traveled, and Rehab and Revive® was born. Nationally recognized, Dr. Lin grew up in Orange County, California, and began his lifelong pursuit of health wellness/fitness and rehabilitation after sustaining a promising baseball career-ending shoulder injury in high school. When others would succumb to the depression associated with his newfound physical limitations, Dr. Lin became an accomplished personal trainer while in Boston working at Boston Sports Clubs as well as a reputable physical therapist in the Washington DC metro area. He attended Boston University Sargent College of Rehabilitation under the rigorous five-year dual Bachelors/Masters of Science of Physical Therapy program. While attending graduate school, he was awarded two National scholarships for his work in fitness and wellness by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. While others were content with just finishing, he pursued more and attended Marymount University for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. He has learned and developed various manual therapy techniques as he was exposed to the plethora of disciplines within the industry via different mentors. He has been trained by Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, and Osteopathic Doctors, incorporating methods to create a more cohesive understanding and practice.

Rehab and Revive™'s reputation has grown in Orange County as a chronic pain specialist; the clinic treating difficult conditions such as TMJ, Scoliosis, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme’s Disease and Concussions. The Neuromechanical techniques used and developed today were inspired by many to deliver a cutting-edge holistic hands-on approach to healing and rehabilitating the body. He also believes that the patient comes first and advocates for his patients in taking an active and participating role in their healing. This approach is guided by his personal experience of injury and allows for an empathetic hand in the rehabilitation process, as he knows all too well the depression that results from physical injuries. All while enhancing the medical experience and providing quality patient service.

We Are Only As Strong As Our Community 


Dr. Lin is a committed advocate of community involvement, actively involved on the Board of Directors of the Orange County Taiwanese Association (OCTA). He stays in touch and continues his involvement with his Alma Mater, University High School (Irvine), where he was a former Class President and Scholar-Athlete by organizing reunions, as well as serving as a Scholarship Chair for a service scholarship at Uni High offered on the behalf of the OCTA. He is a presenter for organizations wanting to learn more about office safety and ergonomics and actively volunteers for disabled youth at the Miracle League. 

The Commitment


Dr. Lin spends time giving back to his profession as he educates local physical therapy students so they can become great future PT's in helping members of the community. Rehab and Revive is a fresh take on Holistic, Health, Sports Conditioning, and Physical Therapy; a philosophy founded on Possibilities, a passion to provide Excellence, a method promoting Empowerment and Mindfulness, a practice committed to a Purpose, one based on the belief that the key to unlocking your potential lies in YOU

On The Blog

Rehab and Revive®'s Commitment

Our Rehab and Revive™ Community:


We are fortunate to help those locally and afar. We believe we are a combination of "old school" service with a splash of "new school" treatments. We devote old-fashioned time and attention to each client. We commit to up-to-date techniques, technology, and communication methods that get you better quicker with longer-lasting changes.  


It's Backwards:


It may seem rare nowadays where a practice has any fewer than three to four patients per staff member. You can imagine the shock to our patients when they see the opposite, that's right, three to four staff members dedicating attention to one person. But WE DO.   


It's necessary because you deserve that level of commitment in order to get better holistically and in a place where you matter!


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