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Long COVID Care

Whether you have Long COVID or think you might have it, they are symptoms that should definitely be addressed. Rehab and Revive has lead the industry in clinical work combatting the post-effects of being infected by the virus.

Don't let it affect you any longer and get back to the things you love with the people you love. We have lymphatic work for increased circulation. We use manual therapy to get your organs and viscera moving for better filtration of toxins. Mobilization of the heart, the tissues that surround it, and the lungs were developed with the intention of relieving the effects of Long-COVID. Craniosacral therapy techniques may be incorporated in treatment to help with brain fog-related symptoms as well as vagus nerve manipulation techniques to calm the body and help in down-regulating. Below are some common symptoms of Long-COVD. If these sound like you or someone you know, don't delay and seek an evaluation!

  • brain fog

  • chronic cough

  • facial and jaw pain

  • digestive problems

  • chest pains

  • eye symptoms 

  • difficulty breathing

  • heart palpitations

  • tachycardia

  • atrial fibrillation 

  • COVID toe

  • COVID brain

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