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Cold Plunge Tank

Whether you're looking to reduce inflammation, recover after a hard workout or want to escape the Southern California sun, a short trip to the cold plunge might be just the TLC you need! Take the plunge and start feeling the healing benefits of cold therapy today!

Determined to continue finding more ways for the body to heal and promote wellness, Rehab and Revive™, with the help of Renu Therapy, has officially added Cold Plunge to our repertoire of services. 

Cold Plunge was largely influenced by Wim Hof, the man known for his world records for swimming under ice and being able to withstand low temperatures for a prolonged period of time. His method has influenced much research on the benefits of cold therapy. While Wim Hof himself is a bit of a medical anomaly, his teachings on cold water immersion and meditative breathing have shown much promise. 

These Renu Therapy Cold Plunge Tubs are able to cool water as low as 38°F and are self-sterilizing with the use of filtration and ozone. Take cryotherapy to the next level today by scheduling a Cold Plunge today!


Benefits of Cold Plunge

Cold water immersion is gaining popularity, especially among biohackers. But don't be fooled into thinking it is just a fad or something trendy. It has numerous health benefits that will only make cold plunging more and more popular! Find out some of the benefits below!

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Accelerate workout recovery

  • Sport's enhancement

  • General pain relief

  • Boost your immune system

  • Healthier skin

  • Combat anxiety and depression

  • Promote lymphatic drainage

  • Feel more alert and awake

  • Reduce brain fog

  • Hormone balancing

If you want more information on how cold water immersion can benefit you and your health, check out the Renu Therapy blog page with everything you need to know!


What should I wear? We recommend wearing what you would go to a swimming pool in. Whether that be swim trunks, a swimsuit or shorts and a t-shirt, wear what you're comfortable in. But please be conscious of any excess oils on clothing as it ruins the tank filters.

Should I bring a towel? Towels are provided by us, but if you feel more comfortable with your own towel, you are more than welcome to bring your own.

How long should I stay in the plunge? The sessions are scheduled for 15 minutes, but by no means are you required to stay in the tub for that length of time. Most people only want to be in for 5-8 minutes. Only stay in the water as long as you would like. It's your plunge time so use it as you feel most comfortable.

How cold is the water? The temperature of the water ranges by how many people have used it in a day and if the space is warmer or cooler. The thermostat is always set at 38°F so the water usually ranges from about 45°F - 38°F.


Single Plunge Session: $30

Monthly Membership: $125 (unlimited plunges)

Plunges are FSA/HSA eligible!

Membership Terms and Conditions By purchasing a monthly membership, you agree to an INITIAL AND RECURRING monthly membership fee at the then-current monthly membership rate, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your membership. You may cancel your monthly membership at any time, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy. Once you have opted into the membership, Rehab and Revive™ will automatically process your monthly membership fee in the next billing cycle. Rehab and Revive™ will continue to automatically process your monthly membership fee each month at the then-current monthly membership rate until you cancel your membership. You may not transfer, assign, sublicense, or sell your membership to any other third party. You may cancel your membership anytime by contacting Rehab and Revive™ via phone call/text message at (714) 900-3880, email to, or through your PTEverywhere portal by messaging an administrator. You must cancel your membership at least one (1) week or seven (7) days prior to your renewal date. If you do not cancel at least one week in advance, you may be charged for an additional month of your membership. Auto-renewing memberships cannot be canceled mid-term for partial membership dues. Rehab and Revive™ has a no refund policy. No refunds will be processed for memberships.

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