Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Ergonomic Assessment Specialist


Dr. Yvonne Y. Huang has over 10 years in the physical therapy industry. She began to pursue her health and wellness career after she moved to the United States due to her injuries from long years of professional dance training in Taiwan.

She pursued her doctorate and now has her Doctor of Physical Therapist degree from the University of St. Augustine, San Marcos, CA.  She has a passion for women’s health and pelvic floor work and loves to continue her learning in this area.

Throughout her education and professional development, Dr. Huang was one of Dr. Justin Lin's most eager and promising students. She has studied and perfected his Neuromechanical Therapy techniques and treatment models. Treating chronic pain is one of the most difficult tasks a physical therapist can be asked to take on and Dr. Huang jumped at the opportunity to pursue working with the chronic pain community that usually patrons Rehab and Revive PT. 

She has worked mainly in an outpatient clinic, where she received orthopedic and neurologic training and developed some of her manual therapy techniques.  She is dedicated in the pursuit of life-long learning through constant continuing education in all fields of chronic pain.

Due to her exposure of the oncology field during her internships, she dedicated her time to specialize in lymphedema treatment.  She completed an extensive online learning course and intensive hands-on training course through the Norton School of Lymphedema, and becomes a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT). 

She is now also assisting the Norton School lymphedema courses by teaching and sharing her experience to future lymphedema therapists.  She is also a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP) through the Kinesio Taping Association (KTA).  

Outside of work, she dedicates her time to her two children, Ryan and Olivia, and her husband, Owen.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Kinesiology, California State University, Sacramento

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, San Marcos

  • Certified: Lymphedema Therapist; Ergonomic Assessment Specialist


  • Pelvic health dysfunction 

  • Lymphedema (manual Lymphatic drainage and compression bandaging)

  • Craniofacial work

  • Visceral manipulation

Fluent in Chinese Mandarin and Taiwanese