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Back To School Special: Giving Back To Our Teachers

Orange County has always been very special to me. Not only is my business located here, but I spent my primary years here. That being said, giving back to the community that has watched me thrive has been very important. Rehab and Revive has had the privilege to serve the community through lectures, treating students and teachers alike.

We all respect our teachers as they give and donate much of their time and love to all our children through education and guidance. This is a tribute to the many who have brought us up and have watched us grow.

As the saying goes: an apple a day keeps the doctor away! So here’s an apple to our teachers to keep them healthy and extend the longevity of their career!

In regards to our teacher’s health and their own wellness, Terence Ngo, a teacher, says:

“Any teacher would tell you that we don’t have time. Teachers are passionate about our students, we spend countless hours planning, prepping, instructing, emailing, organizing, problem solving, and attending countless meetings. We can be very guilty of not making time to take care of ourselves and our bodies. When at home, we’re so tired and stressed that we can neglect our bodies.”

The most typical pains range from lower back, neck and shoulders, tired and achy legs and feet. Headaches and insomnia due to stress can also be a major concern. A normal work day at school may be 7-9 hours and then many will take work home and be sitting for long periods grading or creating lesson plans.

Heal Smarter, Not Harder!

Dr. Justin C. Lin


Dr. Lin spends a day with a few elementary school teachers who share their experience teaching. In return, he provides several tips that will empower our teachers to move with intention and to be mindful of their movements. It will help resolve the fatigue and stress that many of them experience throughout the day and allow them to focus on the children they love so much.

In the first part of this two part series, Dr. Lin will do some impact tests on our teachers before he teaches them how to correct their posture. In the second part, he will apply what he taught them previously to other daily tasks they have around the classroom.


Part 2 is here! In this segment, Dr. Lin gives these three teachers some essential tips and advice on how to stay out of pain and prevent bodily injury. He addresses things such as kneeling down next to desks, picking up heavy objects and sitting at the computer for extended periods of time.


Rehab and Revive would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Sara Fuentes, Mrs. Netra Piesik and Mr. Terence Ngo for participating in this video. We appreciate all you do for not only students but also but for giving us insight into the life of a teacher! Thank you, thank you!

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