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Support small health and wellness businesses!

With the shelter in place order here in California, we have been limited to grocery store runs and walking our dogs as a way of getting out of the house. Every day inside is another day we can't go to our favorite yoga class, get a massage or acupuncture, or head over to our favorite gym. Taking care of our bodies is more important than ever.

Just because we can't see our favorite personal trainer or meet with a health coach in person, doesn't mean these services haven't adapted to meet our needs at home! As much as we love promoting physical therapy and the great services we offer here at Rehab and Revive, we also understand how important it is to keep all aspects of health and wellness in tip-top shape.

So for those of you dying for a massage or some advice on how to eat while in quarantine, we urge you to reach out to some of our favorite people below.

These people and small businesses need your support more than ever and they're all AMAZING at what they do. We don't recommend people that we wouldn't use ourselves. So take a look at all of these wonderful, talented businesses and the great services they're offering while we are in quarantine!

Our dear friend Tania Mack is a Certified Transformational Health Coach. She teaches her clients how to break free from the dieting trap by creating a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

She hopes to inspire people to live healthier lives by empowering them to believe that they can positively influence their health using the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed!

Tania is providing virtual coaching during this time and is offering COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute discovery calls to those who may be interested in adding her resources to their health and wellness tool belt!

She can be reached through her website or you can check out her Instagram!

Instagram: @taniamack

Nayelli Cardenas of Align Bodywork & Yoga has taken to ZOOM to offer private yoga classes and guided self-massage! So even if you can't get in to see a massage therapist, she's there to let you in on a couple of trade secrets to get you through quarantine! Services include "Distance Reiki Transmission", "Oh-My-Oh Fascia Guided Self-Massage", and yoga classes!

Nayelli's Bio: Nayelli created her business as a temple for holistic therapies, balancing yoga, massage therapy, and the latest technology in alternative methods of healing. We offer a wide spectrum of BODYWORK -- sessions for stress management, pain relief, and energy balancing. Alongside our slow and supportive Iyengar yoga classes, those living with chronic health issues or recovering from injuries thrive in our relaxed, non-competitive environment. With these practices, professional assistance, and the power of time, you'll enhance your body's own healing abilities to decrease discomfort and experience true joy.

She can be reached by phone, her website or book an appointment on Schedulicity!

Phone Number: (949) 264-3955

Instagram: @aligncostamesa

See her Yelp page here!

"Most coaches and practitioners work on one or two areas of a person's life and they tweak, buff and polish. I work with the whole person and I change lives!"

- Dr. Aaron Benes

Dr. Aaron Benes is more than just a personal trainer or life coach. He's the total package when it comes to changing your life and discovering your full potential. He's one of the kindest souls to ever enter our office and is 100% dedicated to enhancing the lives of his clients and the reviews speak for themselves.

The Complete Coach can be reached through his website, email or by phone!

Phone Number: (949) 475-5555

"It’s not everyone who goes looking for help from a practitioner using holistic medicine.  Whether your body is aching, your mind is frazzled, or your heart just feels like there’s a disconnect somewhere, you will discover an important truth: It’s all connected."

-Aiden Seraphim

Aiden has been offering all sorts of valuable content on his Instagram and Facebook pages: from guided meditation information to essential oils to nutrition and so much more.

He can be reached through phone, email or on his Instagram!

Phone Number: (978) 701-5125

Instagram: @heartcenteracu

Brittany is offering group virtual classes on ZOOM Monday through Friday at 9:00AM, 12:00PM, and 4:00PM (PDT). Unlimited classes during the month of April is only $99 and your first session is FREE! These classes include mostly bodyweight training and modifications if you don't have the necessary equipment. Classes are interactive with 1-1 focused attention throughout the virtual class. Workouts are focused around strength and HIIT/cardio conditioning.

She is also available for private, one-on-one personal training sessions via ZOOM and is offering a FREE 30-minute consultation and workout.

Brittany's Bio: Brittanny’s 360-degree approach to health and fitness helps you become the best version of you through mind and body. She believes fitness training provides the obvious benefits of health but also gives you a deeper knowledge of how to stay healthy and take control of the life you want to live. She takes the time to understand your background with regard to any pre-existing conditions and injuries as well as your fitness goals to create an optimal training plan that will keep you engaged and challenged.

She can be reached through phone, email or on her Instagram!

Phone Number: (949) 230- 4677

Instagram: @fitt.with.britt

Fitness on Fire is one of, if not the best personal training gyms in Orange County. Our friends and owners of FoF, Josh and Haydee Graves, have poured their hearts and souls into creating a community of people with the same goal. Their trainers are knowledgable and a joy to be around and work with.

When California was ordered to shelter in place, the gym immediately took to an online platform to continue serving their members. They offer LIVE STREAMING CLASSES every day. With their online training platform, you have access to all of their classes and workouts, biweekly fitness challenges, nutrition tips and so much more.

FoF now has an introductory offer to try their platform for FREE for 7 days!

You can check out Fitness on Fire through their website or Instagram!


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