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Treatment For Long COVID: The FOUR Exercises You Need To Alleviate Long COVID Symptoms

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

We are now just over two years into the COVID pandemic and we've continued to learn so much about how it affects the human body even long after someone has "recovered." Early on, some of our patients had weird symptoms after they had recovered from COVID. These symptoms include heart palpitations, incredible fatigue, shortness of breath and brain fog. For some people, these symptoms went away fairly quickly. For others, it lingered for months and months. Though the variants have changed the game, I remain steadfast that this is a virus that not only affects the respiratory system but the nervous system as well.

We have come up with a how-to guide for those who are still suffering from Long COVID symptoms. Or maybe you have a friend or loved one who is still battling with Long COVID. I believe these exercises can be beneficial for those trying to get rid of long-lasting symptoms as well as for people who are currently infected and trying to get some relief. If you're interested, you can try these exercises below:

Wavy Gravy- Breathing exercise to help you breathe better and strengthen your diaphragm. The diaphragm works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anything including adhesions (believed to be incurred during Covid) or scar tissues from past abdominal surgeries will and can alter the mechanics. This exercise can release those adhesions.

Tentortium Membrane Stretch- As mentioned before, something about this virus creates compression or tension in the head that is almost post-concussion like too many of the patients we treat here post-covid. Really keeping the “circuitry” head and mind clear will help boost your energy and mentation so we can operate efficiently.

Colon Massage- Internally Covid seems to create lots of scar tissue that can block or occlude its natural motility or mobility. We’ve had countless cases and reports that “something is off” and patients are no longer regular. Get these adhesions loosened up and moving better.

Heart Plunging- Last but not least and MOST important is our ticker, patients have reported elevated BP and Heart rates where they can have intense fatigue and are able to feel their heart beating (heart palpitations). Just like our viscera and colon we believe there are adhesions or dehydration that incurs in the encasing of the heart (pericardial sac) get it more flexible and mobile and this could help quell those symptoms.

Give these exercises a shot if you're struggling with the after-effects of COVID. Leave us a comment as we'd love your feedback on how these exercises worked for you!

Stay safe and healthy,

Dr. Justin C. Lin

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Individuals' health, well-being, and quality of life might suffer as a result of sedentary behavior and insufficient levels of physical exercise. Self-quarantine can also increase stress and put residents' mental health at risk. According to my doctor from, physical activity and relaxation techniques may also be helpful tools to help us remain calm and continue to safeguard our health at this time.

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