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Is Your Health Defined By Insurance?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

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At Rehab and Revive, we get questions on a daily basis regarding why we are not participating in private insurance.

Rehab and Revive is a Physical Therapy practice which is not defined by insurance regulations and limitations but defined only by our quality of care and commitment to our patients.

The true benefit goes back to YOU and YOUR HEALTH.

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Because my style is unique and targets a total body holistic experience, insurances do not cover the type of treatments I provide. Insurance companies will only pay for treatment prescribed by your M.D. in a specific area. This means that if you have shoulder pain, then all I can treat is your shoulder and nowhere else. However, shoulder pain can be caused by poor posture or neck strain.

That same shoulder pain can even become elbow or hand pain. With the insurance company dictating your treatment, I am limited to treating only your symptoms, and not tackling the ROOT OF YOUR PAIN.

Our therapy philosophy is to target all these concerns for a longer lasting change and pain relief. In my experience, when pain is targeted and treated as a symptom, it comes back, no matter where it is in the body. What’s worse is that you can hurt that part of your body more because the foundation of your body is weak.

While most physical therapists see patients for an average of 18-24 visits, resulting in some improvement of symptoms, the majority of my patients get better between 6 to 10 visits.

In the end, you actually save time, money, and most of all the result you want…or something even better.

Here’s a sad confession I hate to reveal about many physical therapy and insurance companies:


Private insurance companies have undermined both members and providers alike. Insurance is good and necessary for emergencies that could potentially leave patients bankrupt from hospital expenses. However, insurance companies have shifted their focus to hospitals that overbill patients and drain funds from all other aspects of healthcare.

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Because of how funds are allocated, small operations like ours receive only pennies on the dollar for treatment sessions. This causes most practices to treat more patients for shorter times, reduce quality with under-qualified staff, and make cuts to their care plan in order to survive financially.

This isn’t true of all practices, because there are some good ones, but sadly, those good ones are few and far between. An astonishing number of practices across this nation are restricted by insurance reimbursements and perform procedures based on the procedures insurance companies compensate most, regardless of the benefit of that treatment to you.

This means that physical therapists often knowingly give you a less appropriate or less effective treatment because the insurance company would reimburse better for that treatment.


See how coming to an out of network clinic could work for you!


Many practices that accept insurance also ask you to come back three times per week to make up for their bottom line. With most insurance copays ranging an average of $30 to $50 per visit, your out of pocket costs would be $90-150 a week for mediocre care, run by professionals with less training, or worse, treated by assistants with no proper education. NOT RIGHT!

Another way practices are “cheating the system” is to quickly use up all of your insurance benefits so that you will be forced to pay “out of pocket” for further needed treatment.

Unfortunately, many therapists disregard their moral compasses in order to make the extra dollar.

This means that by the time you are fully “rehabilitated” and leave tri-weekly therapy sessions for your maintenance program, you have gone well over your insurance’s maximum benefit, and ended up paying an average of about $130 to $150 per visit anyway.

In the end, you waste your valuable time and money going back for treatment after treatment someone continues to tell you that it takes time to get better.

I know these things because I have worked in clinics which utilized these practices. I was under pressure to treat my patients in a way that would benefit the company’s bottom line, regardless of the patient’s need. I no longer work in this type of dishonest practice because I do not believe in making those extra pennies at the expense of your health.


We believe what is best for the patient is not to make any sacrifices in your care plan and to always provide exemplary service with all the skills that we have learned and developed.

I believe that YOU deserve the best treatment that I can give you, that will target the root of your pain, get you out of pain, and teach you how to stay pain-free and on your way to enjoying your life. I believe that YOUR HEALTH should not be determined by what your insurance provider wants to pay.

Please check my testimonials page and Yelp reviews. Many of my patients start as skeptics and turn into believers in their own ability to heal, to become pain-free, and to be empowered to live the life they envision.

Let’s begin your healthy journey today.

We CAN and we WILL get better TOGETHER!

Dr. Justin C . Lin

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