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Ever heard of Hangry? When Hunger meets a feeling of needing to eat, and we start snapping because it becomes a basic need to feed or starve. All you focus on is food and wanting to eat and devour anything that will satisfy our hunger. Anything in your way will be met with resistance and obstacle, and the outcome is often an angered burst!

angry from pain

Well in 2017 when Pain meets Angry we have PAINGRY. It’s a romantic relationship of betrayal and love for mind, body, spirit in the mix of pain. Coursing online there is a wide selection of references and often used with those in chronic pain.

As a chronic pain specialist, I can attest to you that this is often true for near ALL my patients. We realize it’s not personal, and in cases, like hunger, we have a basic need to soothe and satisfy ourselves to get comfortable as soon as possible. Which if you are in pain is RIGHT NOW!

The Vicious Pain Cycle Affects EVERYONE

Introducing a paradigm shift while not letting pain get the better of us! We may not fully understand the ramification of our paingry bouts and what it does to our community and even the world. I mean, just look at how much anger there is in society today, and we all seem to shake our head because we don’t know the reason. Here are a thought and a possible reason. We have an angry bout because we have been impatient with the lady at the cash register who seems to be “wasting your time” by holding the line for a price check on an item of the person in front of you. We’ve all been there! By the time you get up to her, you yell at her for fumbling around looking for the barcode to scan. This poor gal is at the end of your paingry bout. She then takes the frustration bottles it up and goes home. She may find that her dog pooped on the floor, she kicks the dog (I don’t promote this!). The dog then bites the neighbor’s kid. The kid grows up torturing animals and maybe even people (I positively don’t support this). As strange and extreme or funny as this may sound. It could happen…

The truth is it can stop with us and just being more aware of why we may be impatient could help us all.

Watch this youtube: This is Water by David Foster Wallace

Our Advice:

Get your pain under control! Pay close attention who your specialists or MD’s recommend or refer. Research them their social media presence, website, writings, and their reviews and see if the “culture” aligns with yours. It’s okay to ask for short phone consultation we often do one to help address one’s concerns and offer the best advice within reason. In the end, it is about genuine human compassion and interaction!

We understand being in pain seems isolated and alone and It’s easy to become selfish and irritable. This article with its satire and all is still serious, Don’t forget there are REAL people out there, many loved ones and strangers that are affected by our attitudes.

All it takes sometimes is simple communication of where you are at and to check in that our patience is running low because of these reasons. We no longer should feel this way, just maybe, this is our way making the world a better and friendlier place for us all (and also reduce one less psychopath).

Heal Smarter, Not Harder

Dr. Justin Lin

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