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COVID-19 Survival Kit: At home workstations, gadgets and more!

Depending on where you are in the country, you're either bunkering down for continued shelter in place or you are preparing to go back into work or reopen your business. We are all at different stages in this. While many of us in California still must wear masks or remain at home, other states like Texas are lessening restrictions. Regardless of what stage you're in, we wanted to show you some products that have helped us here at Rehab and Revive during all of the different stages of our COVID-19 journey.

For those of you doing your best to work from home, we've compiled some products that might help you create a more comfortable at-home work environment. For those of you looking to safely go back to work, reopen your business or just be extra cautious with sanitizing your home, we're sharing some products that we've introduced at our office to provide added sanitation and safety measures!

All of these products are available on Amazon, so check them out and hopefully, they'll be as beneficial to you as they have been for us!


At-Home Workstation

So many companies have become more cognizant of their employees’ workstations and ergonomics. That means many of us are used to adjustable desks and chairs, ergonomic keyboards and mice etc. So how can you create that at home on a budget? Take a look at our favorite DIY adjustable at-home workstation setup!

1. Adjustable Table

The adjustable allows you to easily transition from sitting to standing with your computer without the bulk of a desk. Not everyone has a room devoted to being an office space, so many of our patients are trying to work from their living room or bedroom.

This adjustable table is fairly small and easy to move throughout your home. Find it on Amazon here for just over $75.

2. Adjustable Laptop Stand

The MOFT laptop stand is what we use here in our office treatment rooms. It is super lightweight and discreet and allows you to change the angle that your laptop sits. This can help ease tension on your hands and wrist while typing for long periods of time.

You can find it on Amazon here.

3. Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

For those of you who like sitting more than standing while on your computer, this is a great option. The chair has you distribute some of your weight onto your knees and legs to take the strain off of your back, butt and hips. It is also adjustable to different heights and angles and is designed in such a way to promote good sitting posture!

Check it out on Amazon here!

4. Foot Rest

Don’t forget about those feet! Whether you’re standing or sitting, a footrest can be a great way to keep yourself mindful about your posture. If you like using a standing desk, implement a footrest to promote standing with a staggered stance. Place one foot slightly more forward onto the footrest and the other back on the floor.

The footrest is also great if your chair is too tall for you. If you cannot lower your chair so that your feet and rest flat on the floor, use a footrest instead! Get it on Amazon here!



It’s almost impossible to 100% ensure you aren’t exposed to COVID-19. Groceries are delivered but someone still handled them to get them to your home. If you need to check your mail, you still have to touch the mailbox or the packages that are delivered to your door. But there are some things you can do to reduce your risk as much as possible.

The following are things we have put in our office to keep everything as sanitary and safe as possible and they’re great things to have in your own home or office!

1. UV Phone Sanitizer

Our phones are something we touch ALL THE TIME, but how often do we sterilize or clean them? I can say I don’t clean my phone off nearly as often as I should.

This handy dandy phone sanitizer is super quick and convenient. You put your phone in the box, zip it up and hit the power button. In 30 seconds the UV light has sterilized your phone. Viola! Get it on Amazon here!

2. Germ Guardian UVC WiFi Smart Purifier

These air purifiers are the BEST. Not only do they contain HEPA air filters that filter out particles and bacteria in the air, but they also blast the air with UVC light to kill viruses and bacteria in the air that may get past the filter.

They also connect to Wifi so that you can set schedules and adjust the settings remotely. Find it here!

3. Automated Vacuum with UVC

Most people have heard of the Roomba or other types of robot vacuums. But this guy has a little something extra that helps with sanitization. Not only does it pick up debris from the floor, but it also has a UVC light. As it moves across the carpet to vacuum, it is blasting the floor with microorganism killing light! Clean and disinfected carpet ftw! You might see ours roaming around the office. Her name is Monica if you want to say hi next time you visit us! :) Get one for your home or office here!

4. UVC and Ozone Generating Lamp

We love to use these lamps at the end of the day to ensure all of our rooms are as sterile as possible. The lamp emits a super powerful UVC light but it also generates ozone. Ozone helps disinfect the air. Just be cautious because the light can burn your eyes and skin and the ozone can be a lung irritant. So be sure to air the space out when the timer is up! Find it here!

5. Touchless Soap Dispenser

Your hands are never dirtier than the moment before you wash them. So think of all of the grime that gets on your soap dispenser. We love our touchless soap dispensers here at the office. It’s just one less thing you have to worry about cleaning or touching!

You can find them on Amazon in many different colors to match your bathroom, kitchen, office decor etc.

Check them out here!


We hope some of these products are able to make some of your lives a tad easier or give you some added peace of mind. If you have any questions about what we are doing here at Rehab and Revive to keep our staff and patients safe, just ask!

Stay safe out there and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Rehab and Revive Staff

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