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When Waiting Out Your Pain Is A Bad Idea...

Aches and pains come and go, but some linger and can lead to a detrimental collapse of your function if you keep ignoring it. So when do you think it’s the right time to make the call to get your pain addressed?

waiting with chronic pain

Before I discuss that, let’s first look at our cultural mindset to pain and the trends I have found in human nature. These aren’t facts, but observations from my experience and my clinic’s now overwhelmingly population who are in chronic pain and hating life.

Why do we do this as a society?

Of course, a paper cut doesn’t warrant an ER visit. There are many remedies that those seek in instances like this but for the most part, it stinks for a few days, and you’ll be right back to typing at 5000 words per minute.

Although there are some that think an ankle sprain is earth-shattering, most actually choose to ignore and push the urge to call 911 down or try to forget it because why would this be important enough to register in our brain as a life-threatening injury.

You are right it isn’t!

However, certain pains need to be “heard” or addressed which include numbness and tingling, losing dexterity and strength for an unknown reason, and pain that goes with both legs or both arms or all over the body. Although I believe that many of these initiatives stem from a longstanding mechanical pain which has yet to be addressed. What is a mechanical pain? It is a pain you feel for every time you perform a certain task, and you feel it an exact spot in your body (in some instances like getting out of bed and feeling heel pain).

The world is too busy to slow down and tend to it, and we can easily find ourselves distracted if we CHOOSE to tolerate it. However, all is fine until you CAN’T do something you want to do.

That’s when we get the call! But is this too late?

Before total destruction:

Before the fall, you have a period I call the “conscious pain period” it’s apparent in your mind, and you think about it for a majority of your day. If you choose not to get it addressed at this point, the fall is inevitable. I would say this period is a moderate phase of injury and can easily cost you time away from work and cost money for treatments. And likely you will miss out on fun and be shut down from yoga, running, or working out for a significant amount of time

But this in my mind is still too late and not the right time to call.

As hinted earlier, the right time to call is when you notice a mechanical dysfunction or mechanical pain. Like every time I climb the stairs or climb down the stairs, I feel it in my knees.

This is the best time and most affordable (time and money) be addressed in a reasonably quick time 2-6 weeks at most. I always say for every mechanical dysfunction there is a mechanical cause and once it is found out, then the treatment is easy.

If you are unclear about what mechanical pain is then I’d say if you have had this feeling for about 1-3 weeks that’s the best time to make the call.

What could I do on my own?

Before the call, most will take to the internet, the information highway is at your fingertips and can do it easily. You’ll quickly go to Google or Youtube and find yourself wondering which one to choose. Some “sources” are excellent at advertising, and others have clickbait thumbnails to lure you in. Sometimes you have to dig through and find that diamond in the rough.

Just like another article, I’ve written in the “Wait and See” one, not all injuries are created equally and although what you may be feeling may be the same as the next person’s the solution isn’t so obvious.

Rehab and Revive has a database of information, but it has yet to be put into programs. We are offering simple solutions for FREE via newsletter, so sign up at

However, for a more detailed do it yourself. We’ve been working hard over the past year to do something great and time friendly. We will soon be launching an innovative product called the Body Academy Online (To get a sneak peek at our website check out

In our online programs which require no physical visit, treatments are performed in the comfort of your own home with mentoring/guidance via a portal. If interested, email us at, and we will let you know as soon as it is launched.

Question your source and where they get their information.

If treatment doesn’t work or makes you worse don’t do the wait and see and keep hurting yourself for a full week. I’d recommend trying it 2-3 times and if there is an adverse or no benefit, let it go. Please heed my advice, and you’ll save on getting back to your life and the things you love most!

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