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What You Don't Know About Scoliosis

Scoliosis Treatment! No Surgery Needed!!!

Have you been living your life with a spinal curve of 15° to 50°? If so, then you might have scoliosis!

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a general term that just means you have a curved spine. There are many different forms of scoliosis with spinal bends that occur at various points along the spine.

Some more severe cases can leave people with “S” or “C” shaped spines. If you can imagine all the nerves that exit along your spine, you can see how this might cause some issues due to nerves being compressed as they try to squeeze through twisted vertebra.

week 1 of scoliosis


The most common treatment for scoliosis? Spinal surgery! A 4-6 hour back surgery where your insides are pushed aside so that the doctors can fit metal hooks and wires to hold your vertebra in place. That not enough for you? How about a 10-12 month recovery process with no guarantee that such an invasive surgery will improve your symptoms.

week 2 of treating scoliosis

Now consider our approach to treating scoliosis.

At Rehab and Revive Physical Therapy, we believe the ribs are one of the leading causes of scoliosis. Picture your ribs as a stack of Pringles. They are neatly aligned one on top of each other. Now, let’s say your ribs are thrown out of alignment from sleeping on your side without support. The Pringles are promptly thrown out of whack and will no longer neatly stack on top of each other. This misalignment can lead to greater issues elsewhere in your body. A rotated rib cage will pull on the muscles that attach to the pelvis, rotating the hips as well. A rotated pelvis will then turn the sacrum which will twist the spine and give you the spinal curve seen in scoliosis.

We believe it is possible to treat scoliosis by addressing these twists. Through the teaching of good habits and exercise, we hope to empower you to live life with a spine that has only the curves nature intended it to have, no surgery required!

Week 3 of scoliosis treatment

Check out some of our treatment videos and exercises:

Written by Thomas Ting Edited by Dr. Lin

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