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The Benefits Of Lymphatic Dry Brushing And How To Do It The RIGHT WAY

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

The lymphatic system plays an important role in our immune guarding and protection. We can promote better body detoxification by improving lymphatic circulation.

The lymph system absorbs, transports, and recycles products from the interstitial space (tissue space). The products in the lymph system include proteins, water, cells, fats, cell debris, white blood cells, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, and many others only the lymph can handle. Lymph vessels are mainly located at the skin and subcutaneous layer and can be found throughout the entire body. You can read more about the lymphatic system and lymphedema in our blog here.

Dry brushing is one way to help promote lymphatic circulation. It helps stimulate the lymphatic system, and will provide support for proper function of the lymphatic system when done consistently over time.

There are a couple of key things to remember when you start dry brushing. To start, you may not notice results right away. Dry brushing is the most effective when it’s done consistently. Also, a general rule of thumb if you’ve forgotten how to brush is to always stroke toward your heart. Although it’s a little more complicated when you look at lymph nodes and watershed pathways, when in doubt, brush toward your heart.

If you want to start dry brushing right away but you haven’t gotten a brush or a roller yet, never fear. You can always use a hand towel or rag.

Below are a couple of videos demonstrating the best way to brush each area of the body. Your routine can be tailored to one trouble spot or you can do the lower extremities, upper extremities and face/head/neck for an overall wellness.

Remember to make sure lymph dry brushing is right for you by consulting a healthcare professional and/or a lymphatic drainage specialist. It’s important to make sure you are brushing in a way that is beneficial to you specifically.

Heal smarter, not harder!

Dr, Yvonne Huang


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