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Our Optimum Health Philosophy

At Rehab and Revive, we believe that achieving optimum health is simple and it is a philosophy that guides our practice. When people live with injuries and pain, helplessness and hopelessness dominate our thoughts. When faced with this pain, some people react with anger due to frustration, some become timid due to fear, and others concede and let their pain direct their life into a downward spiral.

There is often a multi-factorial system in play, often not addressed in our “modern” medical model. Every day I encounter patients that have lost hope or desire for life because the pain has become too unbearable. I, too, have experienced this feeling of being “caged” in my body due to debilitating and disabling pain. But there is a better road to recovery, and it starts with rehabilitation, allowing the body to revive itself naturally.

When I help free my patients from the shackles of their pain and the limitations of their injured bodies, I know that my job is done. By using my training to locate the various and often hidden/complicated causes of pain as “root centers,” we can begin to build from the top down – stacking centers of power and movement that absorb and deflect pressure.

I’ve often been the “last stop therapist” where others have failed my patients. I want to remind everyone that it is important to remember that the costs (time and money) of ineffectively treating problems can far exceed the costs associated with receiving the proper and correct treatment the first time. Your pain is our pain and we are here to guide you along the way. Let’s write the story of your success together and leave the pain in the past. Join me on this health journey.

We Can and We Will Get Better, TOGETHER!

With Warmest Regards,

Dr. Justin C. Lin

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