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Is Your Child Struggling With Constipation? Try These Tips To Get Them Regular!

Infant and toddler constipation is all too common. Whether it be because they're too shy to use the restroom at school or because they're still learning to understand the urge, there are steps you can take to keep your kiddo's tummy regular and happy!

Here are a few tips to help get your child's bowel movements back on schedule:

  • In order to get back on schedule, you might need to start with getting on a schedule! It might seem simple, but scheduled toilet time helps train the body of when it's time to go. Keep in mind that bowel movements once every 1-3 days is normal as long as they are not straining and have a normal stool consistency. Try having them sit on the toilet first thing in the morning or maybe plan it right after they get home from school. Whatever time works in your schedule or the time that comes most naturally to your child's body is the best place to start! Do not have them sit on the toilet for more than 5 minutes. If the bowel movement doesn't come, that's ok. Try again another time and don't encourage them to try to "push" anything out.

  • Make sure your child is taking in enough water THROUGHOUT the day. We know how important hydration is to a healthy bowel movement, but drinking a large amount of water in one sitting isn't going to cut it. Try to have them drink consistently throughout the day. Also, consuming fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber can also promote healthy bowel movements. Adding a small amount of prunes or prune juice to their diet may help promote bowel motility. You can expect a bowel movement urge to happen about 6-8 hours after the prune intake but everyone is different!

  • You can also try a colon massage and acupressure points. To massage your colon, gently rub your belly in a clockwise motion. This follows the path that the colon takes through the stomach. Gently press on the belly in this pattern to assist your colon.

  • You can also try a few different acupressure points! Acupressure is easier to see than explain with words. Give the video below a watch to see the acupressure points that work well for constipation!

  • Last but certainly not least, there's a short follow-along protocol I created for my kids that seems to work well! Perform these exercises daily to keep bowel movements regular!

Give some of these tips a try! It might be beneficial to implement one strategy at a time to see what works best for your child! If you notice that the constipation persists, seek a healthcare professional's advice to make sure there are not other problems leading to the constipation!

Remember, we heal smarter, not harder.

Dr. Yvonne Huang


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